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March 5, 2014

The State of Sugar

You are probably one of the thousands that do this in an attempt to be healthier. But did you know that the average American still consumes 156 pounds of extra sugar? That is approximately 31 five pound bags of sugar! Now, not ALL sugar is bad. We still need it in our bodies to function. We just need better types of sugar to consume, such as raw cane sugar; and we also need to be aware of how much we consume in our diet.

Surprisingly, these extra pounds of sugar are not only hidden in your favorite junk food. These little grains of sugar pop up in unexpected places such as ketchup, peanut butter, sports drinks, and even that yummy healthy snack yogurt. What is even more shocking is that the category with the highest sugar content is low-fat products! The reason is because they are adding sugar to make up for the lack of tasty fat.


So, how can you avoid the over indulgence of sugar?

-Flip that box over: products are required to list their ingredients. So, when you’re at the supermarket, make sure to flip over that package and look for the following ingredients: Fructose, invert sugar, rice/corn/malt syrup, corn sweetener, maltose, sucrose, glucose, syrup, or dextrose. Then the key is to see HOW many grams are in that product. You will be surprised at which products have 25 grams or more. Can you imagine actually eating that much sugar?

-Do you bake? Cut out part of the sugar out of the recipe or replace with unsweetened applesauce or honey. Unlike flour and yeast, sugar can be deducted from a recipe because it’s only sweetens and doesn’t actually affect the baking process.

-Replace Soda with Sparkling Water! Better bubbles that won’t hit your waistline. Soda, even diet, is full of the type of sugar that you do not want in your body. Get your fizzy fix with carbonated agua! This simple tip will go a long way!

-Beware of snacking! Snacks are great but the question is what are you snacking on? Ditch the low-carb bars and small snack package foods. Although they claim to be good for you they’re really just traps where those little extra pounds of sugar hidden. Try looking at healthier choices such as nuts which are not only nutritious but delicious!


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February 26, 2014

What Does Natural Beauty Mean To You?

Just when you thought the Olympics were over, the Today Show anchors went on live television, makeup free; we’d say that is a gold medal worthy accomplishment 🙂


Some of you might view this as a small feat but for the many of us who can’t even imagine walking out the door without at least a touch of foundation, you can imagine how difficult this was for them. The anchors then went onto discuss the insecurities they have about their bodies, ranging from cellulite to bald spots – imagine that, they deal with the same problems we do! Their “Love Your Selfie” series aims to focus on society’s obsession with body image and how we can come together to change our perception of ourselves from one of negativity, to positivity.


It’s made us think about what natural beauty is and what it means to us. For us someone who evokes natural beauty embodies these qualities:


1. An appreciation for life! They can find meaning in a simple, fleeting moment just as easily as they can in a large-scale or life changing one…


2. A love for real food; this doesn’t mean they don’t indulge in a bowl of ice cream every once in a while (yum!), but they understand the importance of treating their body right with real quality food and drink.


3. A desire to challenge their mind and body. Whether it’s pulling out the latest Wally Lamb book or trying a vinyasa yoga class, they value both physical and cognitive growth.


4. A person who exudes kindness and warmth to everyone, or at least attempts to do so (we all have our “off” days!).


5. An ability to walk out the door, with confidence and ready to conquer the world, every day!


What does it mean to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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February 19, 2014

Something Natural Spritzer Recipe


This winter has been pretty brutal for everyone with our new friend the “polar vortex” hanging around. Get past your winter doldrums and trade them in for some conga drums with our very own sangria recipe we call The Something Natural Spritzer!


If you are in the mood for a slight twist on the old fruity favorite, we’ve decided to kick the soda to the curb in exchange for your favorite flavored sparkling water. Not only is this recipe refreshing to have with dinner, it’s also super easy to make for a party too.


What else is great about this recipe? Well, if you want to keep the drinks flowing without feeling like you’ve ditched your New Year’s health kick, this fruit and wine combo is full of Vitamin C and low in fat. ALSO, you can make any additions or changes to make it your own!


Let’s hit the kitchen…



-1 bottle of red wine (Merlot, Rioja, or a Cab Sav.)
-3-4 Fruits (it’s best to use lemon, orange, apple and you probably have them in your kitchen already!)
-1-2 tablespoon of organic raw sugar
-1 shot of brandy
-1 teaspoon of cinnamon. This spice is what makes the recipe authentic.
-2 bottles of Something Natural Sparkling Water. Pick your favorite kind! We used blueberry lemon for ours.


How to start:

1. Pour your bottle of red wine into a pitcher (some red wines are sweeter than others – so it’s up to you the type you chose!)
2. Cut up the fruit into wedges
3. Squeeze your fantastic fruit wedges into the wine and toss them in after, along with the brandy, sugar and dust of cinnamon. Feel free to forgo the sugar if your wine is sweet enough!
4. It’s always best to chill the mixture overnight to enhance the flavors.
5. Add Something Natural Sparkling Water right before serving.
6. Serve over ice (perhaps frozen blueberries or raspberries, too!)
7. Turn up the music and repeat!


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February 4, 2014

72.8% of your body is… WATER!

Everyone knows that water is essential to life and yes, it’s true two-thirds of your body is made of the stuff. However, are you aware of the benefits of water?


Here are a few for you to sip on:


Bye, Bye Hangover: After a fun night out, the next morning can be rough! Your body is working hard to flush out the toxins and if you’re dehydrated, well it’s going to be even more difficult. Water will hydrate your system, giving you the boost you need to get over that painful and dizzying hangover.


Lose Weight: Put down those silly diet books and expensive supplements, instead pour yourself a glass of water! Drinking water naturally helps reduce hunger and keeps those stacked muscles of yours lubricated! What, your muscles aren’t stacked? J


Productivity: Did you know that the brain is 75% water? So it makes sense that drinking water is like fuel for your brain. We can’t guarantee that you will be the next Zuckerberg, but the more water you feed your brain the more alert and engaged you’ll be.


Adios, Headaches: Long day at work and your head is killing you? Well, guess what can help? Water! Head and back pains are sometimes caused by dehydration, so the natural solution is water.


Good Mood: Want happy vibes? Water = your body feeling great AND working great!


So, if you’re confused, just know that water is a necessary part of life and full of sweet benefits. We just hope that you like yours with a little flavor and some bubbles!


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January 23, 2014

Something Natural and Different!

Love our Black Cherry flavor but looking to spice it up a bit? We’ve got a great idea: add a sugared rim!


Whether you’re hosting a party, or simply giving yourself a special treat, this is an easy and fun way to add to an already delicious drink.


Ingredients: Something Natural Sparkling Water Black Cherry, Natural Crystallized Sugar, Black Cherry Concentrate or Extract


Step 1: Pour a tablespoon of crystallized sugar into a small bowl, add two drops of black cherry extract, or less than one teaspoon of black cherry concentrate, and mix until color is a dark red.


Fun Fact: Black cherries are part of the rose family, also known as ‘prunusserotinarosaceae’ and are a great source for vitamins and antioxidants. Oh, and because they contain serotonin, they’re also used as an all-natural sleep aid – good to know for those midnight cravings…


Step 2: Pour mixture onto a small plate and spread it evenly across the surface.


Step 3: Pull out the fanciest wine glass you have, (because what’s more fun than drinking out of a snazzy glass?), and lightly wet the rim with lemon juice (lemon helps the sugar stick). Then tip it over into the mixture, creating a colorful, healthy AND very tastyglass rim.


Step 4: Add ice, Something Natural Sparkling Water Black Cherry and for fun, toss in a striped straw!


Step 5: Sit back, relax and enjoy – you deserve it! =)


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