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May 21, 2014

Something Natural Healthy Tinto de Verano Recipe

Summer is getting closer and closer, so we wanted to celebrate by sharing a fun recipe. In many parts of the world, especially Spain and Latin America, people drink something called, “Tinto de Verano.” It literally means “red wine of summer.” It’s a delicious and refreshing staple great for the warm sunny days… well, actually if you live in a tropical place, it’s a staple everyday!


The simplicity of this mixed drink is the best part. The original recipe calls for a red wine (of any variety), a lemon-lime soda, and a lemon. We want you to ditch the lemon-lime sugar-filled stuff for some of our naturally flavored and low calorie sparkling water.


Tinto de Verano ingredients:

– 2 oz Red Wine
– 2 oz Something Natural Sparkling Water Black Cherry
– 1 Lemon Slice
– 1 Cup of Ice


It’s a combination of equal parts wine and sparkling water – so you don’t even have to worry about math for this recipe. Also, no need to shake this up because it has carbonation and that is a Bartending 101 no-no. Just be sure to remember the ice to keep it all chilled, especially since you’ll be poolside sipping on this tasty creation. 😉


Another great reason why our twist on this Spanish classic is killer? The addition of water helps reduce the impact of a hangover because it keeps you a bit more hydrated – not that we recommend chugging tinto all day. Sometimes people just want a great alcoholic beverage alternative that has less artificial and more fiesta. We hope you guys try this one out for sure and let us know if we’ve made you fans of our new “Tinto de Verano.”


Healthy Tinto De Verano Recipe


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January 23, 2014

Something Natural and Different!

Love our Black Cherry flavor but looking to spice it up a bit? We’ve got a great idea: add a sugared rim!


Whether you’re hosting a party, or simply giving yourself a special treat, this is an easy and fun way to add to an already delicious drink.


Ingredients: Something Natural Sparkling Water Black Cherry, Natural Crystallized Sugar, Black Cherry Concentrate or Extract


Step 1: Pour a tablespoon of crystallized sugar into a small bowl, add two drops of black cherry extract, or less than one teaspoon of black cherry concentrate, and mix until color is a dark red.


Fun Fact: Black cherries are part of the rose family, also known as ‘prunusserotinarosaceae’ and are a great source for vitamins and antioxidants. Oh, and because they contain serotonin, they’re also used as an all-natural sleep aid – good to know for those midnight cravings…


Step 2: Pour mixture onto a small plate and spread it evenly across the surface.


Step 3: Pull out the fanciest wine glass you have, (because what’s more fun than drinking out of a snazzy glass?), and lightly wet the rim with lemon juice (lemon helps the sugar stick). Then tip it over into the mixture, creating a colorful, healthy AND very tastyglass rim.


Step 4: Add ice, Something Natural Sparkling Water Black Cherry and for fun, toss in a striped straw!


Step 5: Sit back, relax and enjoy – you deserve it! =)


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