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March 19, 2014

Carbonation Myths Debunked

We all hear them. These wild facts flying around about what we should or should not put in our bodies. When the information hits close to home, we decide to hit you with some knowledge! So here is a list of myths about carbonation that are just fizz!


1. Carbonation leaches calcium from your bones!


This myth is only connected to soda drinking. It actually comes from a study where the test subjects either drank carbonated or distilled water for an entire 8 week period. Luckily, results came back equal for all participants. We say: Why mess with soda at all when a healthy alternative exists?


2. Carbonation will rot your teeth!


Drinking all those bubbles can’t be healthy for your teeth can it? Carbonation will make your teeth deteriorate and fall out, won’t it? Nope, you’re in luck! Carbonation itself has not been linked to tooth decay. Scientists even went as far to soak teeth in still and carbonated water, and still there were zero findings of harmful effects to the teeth. BOOM!


3. Does carbonation cause cellulite?


No, carbonation does not cause cellulite. This myth is usually related to high caloric and sugary drinks. Lucky for you at Something Natural all of our tasty drinks have 30 calories and seven grams of sugar per bottle, keeping you looking great and cellulite free.


4. Carbonation is harmful to your stomach!


They say those highly carbonated beverages are just tearing apart your insides. Don’t believe everything everyone tells you. Carbonation is not destructive to your stomach or throat. Several studies were completed to support this. One study took dozens of subjects with indigestion and divided them into two groups. Group 1 drank a liter and a half of still water every day and the Group 2 drank a liter and a half of carbonated water. When two weeks passed, almost all of the people who were drinking carbonated water actually reported less indigestion.


In conclusion, have no fear of fun refreshing bubbles! It’s time to clear our minds of all assumptions and myths related to carbonation. Something Natural is a refreshing beverage consisting of far less calories and sugar than your average drink brand. The words healthy and natural can stand strong alongside carbonation.


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February 26, 2014

What Does Natural Beauty Mean To You?

Just when you thought the Olympics were over, the Today Show anchors went on live television, makeup free; we’d say that is a gold medal worthy accomplishment 🙂


Some of you might view this as a small feat but for the many of us who can’t even imagine walking out the door without at least a touch of foundation, you can imagine how difficult this was for them. The anchors then went onto discuss the insecurities they have about their bodies, ranging from cellulite to bald spots – imagine that, they deal with the same problems we do! Their “Love Your Selfie” series aims to focus on society’s obsession with body image and how we can come together to change our perception of ourselves from one of negativity, to positivity.


It’s made us think about what natural beauty is and what it means to us. For us someone who evokes natural beauty embodies these qualities:


1. An appreciation for life! They can find meaning in a simple, fleeting moment just as easily as they can in a large-scale or life changing one…


2. A love for real food; this doesn’t mean they don’t indulge in a bowl of ice cream every once in a while (yum!), but they understand the importance of treating their body right with real quality food and drink.


3. A desire to challenge their mind and body. Whether it’s pulling out the latest Wally Lamb book or trying a vinyasa yoga class, they value both physical and cognitive growth.


4. A person who exudes kindness and warmth to everyone, or at least attempts to do so (we all have our “off” days!).


5. An ability to walk out the door, with confidence and ready to conquer the world, every day!


What does it mean to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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February 4, 2014

72.8% of your body is… WATER!

Everyone knows that water is essential to life and yes, it’s true two-thirds of your body is made of the stuff. However, are you aware of the benefits of water?


Here are a few for you to sip on:


Bye, Bye Hangover: After a fun night out, the next morning can be rough! Your body is working hard to flush out the toxins and if you’re dehydrated, well it’s going to be even more difficult. Water will hydrate your system, giving you the boost you need to get over that painful and dizzying hangover.


Lose Weight: Put down those silly diet books and expensive supplements, instead pour yourself a glass of water! Drinking water naturally helps reduce hunger and keeps those stacked muscles of yours lubricated! What, your muscles aren’t stacked? J


Productivity: Did you know that the brain is 75% water? So it makes sense that drinking water is like fuel for your brain. We can’t guarantee that you will be the next Zuckerberg, but the more water you feed your brain the more alert and engaged you’ll be.


Adios, Headaches: Long day at work and your head is killing you? Well, guess what can help? Water! Head and back pains are sometimes caused by dehydration, so the natural solution is water.


Good Mood: Want happy vibes? Water = your body feeling great AND working great!


So, if you’re confused, just know that water is a necessary part of life and full of sweet benefits. We just hope that you like yours with a little flavor and some bubbles!


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