February 4, 2014

72.8% of your body is… WATER!

Everyone knows that water is essential to life and yes, it’s true two-thirds of your body is made of the stuff. However, are you aware of the benefits of water?


Here are a few for you to sip on:


Bye, Bye Hangover: After a fun night out, the next morning can be rough! Your body is working hard to flush out the toxins and if you’re dehydrated, well it’s going to be even more difficult. Water will hydrate your system, giving you the boost you need to get over that painful and dizzying hangover.


Lose Weight: Put down those silly diet books and expensive supplements, instead pour yourself a glass of water! Drinking water naturally helps reduce hunger and keeps those stacked muscles of yours lubricated! What, your muscles aren’t stacked? J


Productivity: Did you know that the brain is 75% water? So it makes sense that drinking water is like fuel for your brain. We can’t guarantee that you will be the next Zuckerberg, but the more water you feed your brain the more alert and engaged you’ll be.


Adios, Headaches: Long day at work and your head is killing you? Well, guess what can help? Water! Head and back pains are sometimes caused by dehydration, so the natural solution is water.


Good Mood: Want happy vibes? Water = your body feeling great AND working great!


So, if you’re confused, just know that water is a necessary part of life and full of sweet benefits. We just hope that you like yours with a little flavor and some bubbles!


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