February 26, 2014

What Does Natural Beauty Mean To You?

Just when you thought the Olympics were over, the Today Show anchors went on live television, makeup free; we’d say that is a gold medal worthy accomplishment 🙂


Some of you might view this as a small feat but for the many of us who can’t even imagine walking out the door without at least a touch of foundation, you can imagine how difficult this was for them. The anchors then went onto discuss the insecurities they have about their bodies, ranging from cellulite to bald spots – imagine that, they deal with the same problems we do! Their “Love Your Selfie” series aims to focus on society’s obsession with body image and how we can come together to change our perception of ourselves from one of negativity, to positivity.


It’s made us think about what natural beauty is and what it means to us. For us someone who evokes natural beauty embodies these qualities:


1. An appreciation for life! They can find meaning in a simple, fleeting moment just as easily as they can in a large-scale or life changing one…


2. A love for real food; this doesn’t mean they don’t indulge in a bowl of ice cream every once in a while (yum!), but they understand the importance of treating their body right with real quality food and drink.


3. A desire to challenge their mind and body. Whether it’s pulling out the latest Wally Lamb book or trying a vinyasa yoga class, they value both physical and cognitive growth.


4. A person who exudes kindness and warmth to everyone, or at least attempts to do so (we all have our “off” days!).


5. An ability to walk out the door, with confidence and ready to conquer the world, every day!


What does it mean to you? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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