October 15, 2013

Something Natural Black Cherry Sparkling Water Reviewed by Bevnet

BevNET Review: Something Natural’s Black Cherry is a flavored sparkling water that is sweetened with stevia and cane sugar. From a flavor perspective, the splash of tart black cherry goes nicely with the crisp base of sparkling water. To that end, the product is very straightforward, with a mellow amount of sweetness to finish things off. The sugar and stevia work quite well together, making for a nice amount of sweetness and only a moderate amount of stevia flavor to the finish. Packaging is this product’s strongest area, with an 11 oz. cobalt blue bottle that is cleanly designed and feels upscale. For us, this feels very much like a female-oriented product, but it accomplishes this in a subtle rather than direct way through the design of the bottle and label (which is painted on). The most recent update to the product, which removed the flock of birds and replaces it with a flavor specific illustration, definitely helps in terms of making it easier to tell the flavors apart. Overall, Something Natural’s Black Cherry is a well-executed product that should do nicely with its target demographic.

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